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DL7APV ist mein Amateurfunk Rufzeichen und ich beschäftige mich seit 1983 mit Funkverbindungen auf 432MHz die den Mond als passiven Reflektor nutzen; kurz: EME (Erde-Mond-Erde)

DL7APV is my HAM radio call and my main interest since 1983 is 432MHz EME earth-moon-earth (EME) communication were we use the moon as passive reflector.




Moon calendar

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Station & QTH



3m DX




History in Berlin

Around my QTH



FAQ doppler

Hints to start EME



Noise 432

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The new EME array is under construction; hope to work you soon with this antenna!




VHF meeting Funkamateur




Longer missing EME-QSLs F/ON5OF, VE6ZT, PY1UNU, RA9DA….so PLEASE QSLL !






After ice in the spring, flood in the summer no we were hit by first autumn storm with 124km/h measured at my wx station!



Good news, the new array not even had some vibrations or anything, but the old 16y array looks not good one day before ARRL contest. Wx report predicted wrong wind direction and only 70km/h. So the system was hit from the side, which made the booms look like a bows. I was outside and hold the array at one support, and believe me you get respect when you facing 124km/h live in real holding the antenna !!!

Sun noise is still about 2 db down but nothing seriously damaged, only bent !.



ARRL contest gave a little fun with 36x25, cu in nov at better wx.








To work me on 432 MHz EME it needs not much….. Give it a try


My current system on 432 MHz, 16x39el. (9BV design) with open feed lines 6mm

For Skeds drop me a mail to

D  L  7  A  P  V  

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Or find me on N0UK logger or HB9Q 432 chat.



From time to time I am qrv on 144 EME with my 4x11el. xy


















Last update october 2017