EME qso with antenna in loft ?? YES possible:


I wrkd G3YEG after several tests with his setup under roof:

EME RX with only a groundplane ? YES



Last SWL report I got from OZ1SKY:

He received me via EME with a groundplane antenna comet GP9N and a preamp DBA-270 Tnx Brian for the info





2-way EME qso with a dipole? YES we did it !!!!!



Sept 2018 and again in Jan 2019 I worked MX0CNS only with a dipole on his side!!!!


MX0CNS with his DG7YBN dipole



EME from a balcony? YES!

JF2AIA with 15el. and 30W



Another qso with a 3el. only !


With JH7PAV, he used a 3el. and 50W

See his pictures:


He head me -21, not bad for this small system !!!

My trace is easy to see

Nearly 50w into a short 5m coaxial


TNX to JH7PAV for the nice pictures!



3el. in front of his house:

3el. + preamp

FT991 barefoot with preamp





I worked in January 2016 JT65b MX0CNS on EME, Tom with 80w and a 7el. !! see pic:



TOMs 7el. antenna


Screenshot from TOMs side

And the same QSO from my side


He was -26 on my side, easy to copy with his 80w. I know its not CW but still amazing what is possible via EME! So give it a try, EME is a real challenge and if you have seen traces on the screen it is a thrill to listen in the next step to CW signals bouncing from the moon !!!!!!!!
In Feb Tom was testing even a smaller antenna now a 4el. DG7YBN !
And after 15 minutes or so we completed, he was -28 best here and decoded only in average.







The next qso took us 4 weeks of attempts when Tom was using only a 3el. DG7YBN & 80W. He was -27 on my side, easy to copy with his 80w = 340 W EIRP only!
On Sunday April 10th we completed in 5 minutes, he was -27 best here.







Nachdem ich Tom MX0CNS im Januar mit einer 7el. & 80W arbeiten konnte haben wir im Februar sogar mit einer 4el. & 80W ein qso geschafft. Nach 4 Wochen testen konnten wir den Rekord auf ein 3el. & 80W = 340W EIRP verbessern. Im November haben wir den Rekord nun nochmal verbessert auf eine 2el. & 60W auf Toms Seite. Nun scheint die Grenze des Machbaren erreicht oder doch noch nicht?........


I worked in January JT65b MX0CNS, Tom with 80w and a 7el. !! and in Feb even with a 4el. After 4 weeks of testing we could make it now with a 3el. & 80W = 340W EIRP. And finally, in November: We extended the record to only a 2el. & 60W on Toms side

Mit meiner neuen 128el. Konnte ich Tom dann auch noch mit einem Dipol arbeiten !!







ARRL 2009         5W EME QSO on 432 MHz !!



Before the ARRL contest I contacted Dennis W5RZ because I needed his state for WAS. He worked before HB9Q. We made no sked but he promised to look for me in ARRL contest if he can hear me. But let Dennis tell the story:




I have made only one QSO before on 432, and that was with HB9Q. I knew that Bernd, DL7APV, needed Arkansas on 432 so I decided to see what I could do with low power and a portable antenna. I used two Cushcraft 424B antennas (about 8 wl) and set them up vertically polarized on a tripod. My FT-897D put out about 15 watts and I knew I was losing several db in the feedline. With no preamp, I doubted I would even hear anything. I was surprised to hear Bernd calling CQ on Dec 5th and we managed to make a QSO. Later that evening I worked HB9Q. The next day, I took a better reading of power at the antenna and it was only 5 watts! I found a small amplifier with a receive preamp and put it at the antenna feedpoint. My power output was still only 12 watts but the preamp made a tremendous difference on receive. On December 6th, I heard Bernd calling CQ again with a -14 signal. I asked my wife (N5HX) if she wanted to make her first EME QSO and she worked Bernd easily. I copied him on CW later in the evening. I wish there had been more big stations on the band to test with, but I was very happy to make QSO's with these low power levels. Terrestrial noise is a problem for me on 2 meters and 432 seems like an ideal band for EME.

Dennis W5RZ



Dec. 05    DL7APV W5RZ      O-26   O-26             
with 5W !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 06    DL7APV N5HX         O-24   O-14             
with 12W & pramp


Here is the JT65 window the qso with Dennis, solid copy with 5W !!

Pse ignore the wrong time & date I recalled the wav files today.

In contest I had no idea and time to save screen shots !!!






Update oct 2021