New antenna project,     or    when 16 yagies are not enough.

And if someone is a bit crazy !!!


It started all with a crazy idea for +3dB in september 2008 when I got for a few euros a huge gear from a crane.

The gear was complete disassembled, sandblasting, cleaning all, using new grease and a bit painting it looked like new.


Also the small gears were complete disassembled and new seals were added:


Nice puzzles !


And assembled again!



autumn 2009

Next was the basement for the antenna and first we need a hole

Some friends with their equipment came to help out


The hole, 4 m³ size for about 10tons of concrete


With the farmer’s concrete mixer and the steam shovel the basement was ready within half a day.

Now it could cure out for some month.


2010 August the horizontal tower parts arrived

Ein Förderband in 3 Teilen wird angeliefert



2011 May the gear is Gear flies into the right position

Der Drehkranz fliegt ein, 4 Doppel-I Träger sind schon angeschweißt für die weitere Konstruktion

Done, mounted flat; only 0,2° max. error in x and y direction !!

Mit 0,2° Genauigkeit wurde der Drehkranz ausgerichtet





Juni 2011

The vertical gears with the mounting plate and tooth ring

Der Elevationsantrieb mit Lasergeschnittenen Zahnrad und Montageplatte für den El. Motor

The base section under construction

Das Bassissegment mit dem Elevationslagern und temporären Querstreben zur Montage

The 2nd vertical gear and with middle section in place

Nun ist das 1. Quersegment montiert

Detail of vertical rotor with chain

Detailaufnahme vom großen Kettenblatt mit Kette


Now the section goes to the tower base



The crane puts the base section in place



The section is now welded to the base gear



Ready looks nice and tiny



The old system and the new is growing



Mai 2012


Some green paint added



Horizontal gear mounted


Horizontal gears and chain and motor added


Absolute encoder from US-Digital in a metal box (otherwise it emitted noise !!) and waterproofed box




The elevation absolute encoder also US digital in a metal box and then in a waterproofed box




June 2012


The right wing was installed


And also the left wing followed



Main support is ready



2012 August:

Some 3m FM Antennas found the way to the tower

First 4 old conrad


2013 oktober:

Followed by 4x Konni 9el. and 4x Conrad 9el.



March 2015


8x9el. Körner are the best for 3m FM DX







August 2016:

Now I started with real antennas :

Now the new 432 array will be mounted on this tower and the 3m antennas get back later there.



Some more impressions :

OM at work



Also useable as SW beam ?? I should try hi…



Currently wx looks more  like autumn



Now with 3m array back on top


And with first boom mounted to test the clamps





Before in autumn/winter 2016 during production:


3m booms 20x20x2mm for the 11el. DG7YBN 432MHz        some more in production

marking all holes for the elements 128x10 elements + dipole

next is:


Drilling the booms



With the help of a waste container                                                   cutting the elements with a crocodile shear (need 1280 !)




2017 March 31rst:  Now all 128 yagi have their elements and I start with dipole production, hopefully next week the first yagies will be on tower



The dipol bending machine now is in use



The first antenna


Die erste Antenne an der richtigen Position



2017 April:




Und nun ein paar mehr

Some more at the array


2017 Mai

So langsam wirds ein array



Ca. 85 Antennen sind am Mast und müssen noch fein justiert werden



The LAST antenna goes up No. 128

Die letzte Antenne wird montiert Nr. 128 !


Passt !        Fits !

The 3m antennas go back       Die 3m Antenne wird wieder angebaut, ist im Weg bei der Montage

Die Katze kann gar nicht hinsehen…


Sieht doch schon ganz gut aus,                 looks nice ?



Back toel.


Some antennas have to be fine tuned in direction








Wird fortgesetzt……

To be continued….



Next fine tuning & dipoles

Jetzt müssen die Booms noch alle fein justier werden und dann kommen die Dipole

Dann müssen noch jede Menge Versteifungen eingebaut werden





Update: Mai 2017