We live in a nice environment; many animals, landscape and fine food from the farmers around!




Every year in the autumn up to 100000 (!) cranes make a stopover nearby. (And we feel nearly the same number of tourists come to our small villages as well!!) The cranes eat corn what they find on the harvested fields around and sleep in the fish lakes. That are ideal conditions for them to stay here for 2-4 weeks from end of September to beginning of November


Cranes on the harvested cornfields.

The Cranes sleep in the fish lakes near Linum and when they start in the morning it is a huge noise and the moon gets dark. Every year we have about 60000-80000 near Linum during October. Over 100000 in the hole area.


Some Signal degration when they start in the morning

Also, other birds are using my antennas for sitting around


As well we have lots of storks during summer time. Sadly, we lost a lot of the young ones due to the heavy rain we had this summer (2017).



For more info on birds and nature see: NABU

Other highlights regarding food we have here:

Best beef in this area is available from Hakenberg

Good meat and other ecological products are in Kuhhorst


A good restaurant with hotel is also in Tietzow

Best goat cheese in Berlin area and a nice restaurant is in Karolinenhof




Some more pics from mother nature:


Einige Impressionen der Umgebung:

Eclipse  Mondfinsternis































































Update feb 2019