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Temporary 23cm Station for ARRL 2021



To make a first attempt on 23cm I put up an old TV solid dish with 1,85m dia and f/D 0.3. I had also from DL1YMK an partly finished DFC septum feed. So I completed the horn and installed all at my play tower were I can test antennas. The old KR500 vertical rotor can handle that without higher winds and the spid Hor. Rotor is fine and has 1° readout. For that dish, in theory 9° beamwidth ok.

Preamp from DB6NT some 0.35dB NF would be fine for first tests. The sun noise was only around 4-5 dB and cs/vs 50Ohm in the same region. The reason is simple as the dfc septum feed fits not with the f/D of the dish. Measured beamwidth is abt 13° so effective diameter is only 1.3-1.4m which fits with the measured sun noise. The cs/50Ohm value indicates that I have also a bit of spillover.

Due to these problems, I would try to give some points in ARRL I added a 150W PA from DF1SR to be qrv. To avoid a fan outside I put the PA in a water tank which worked excellent.

As I was on 2m/70cm and 23cm so a bit more than 10 Stations came into the log. Surprisingly also some smaller stations !! With more time much more would have been worked. The max. el was also limited by counterweight to abt. 50°.

If wx allows I will let the setup qrv until next leg of contest before all goes back to the barn.

For skeds drop me a mail.

Tnx for all qsos!

Station IC9700 with Leo bodnar injection board and a M57762 driver on half way to antenna due to 100m coaxial from TRX to dish.


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